Varifocal Lenses:

Optimise your vision and see clearly at all distances with innovative KODAK Lens technology.

KODAK Varifocal Lenses look just like a single vision lens with no visible dividing lines. There is a gradual power difference within the lens which means one pair of varifocal glasses will give you clear vision at all distances.

*We can also supply Varilux lenses - ask in store for details*

KODAK Unique Lens (Platinum)

KODAK Unique Lens provides a superlative distance viewing experience whilst maintaining excellent intermediate and near vision, with its extended range of designs it is suitable for all frame shapes and styles.
KODAK Easy Lens (Gold)

KODAK Easy Lens is designed to deliver a more natural head an eye movement experience where the requirement for a wider reading and intermediate area is preferred, having multiple designs means it is suitable for a broader array of frame styles.

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