We also Supply Prescription Swimming goggles for all ages with your prescription made up individually for you in a variety of sizes and colours.  For more information please contact one of our store. 

Children and Sports Goggles 

Sport goggles must be properly fit to the individual wearer. This is particularly important with children, because the normal temptation is to purchase a larger goggle than is needed today so the youngster has "room to grow."

Some growing room is acceptable, and sports goggles are made to be somewhat flexible in their width adjustment. But if the frames are too large and don't fit properly, the amount of protection they provide will be compromised, increasing the risk of eye injury. It's a risk not worth taking.
By the same token, permitting a youngster to continue wearing goggles that he or she has outgrown can be just as dangerous.

First, the frames will be uncomfortable, tempting the child to leave them off. Secondly, the frames can obstruct peripheral vision, leading to poor performance and a greater risk of being hit by a ball or other unseen object from one side or the other.

A visit to an Opticians will help you learn more about the most appropriate type of protective eyewear for you and your child and to ensure proper fit.

Why should you wear Sports Goggles?

Eye injuries may result from accidents with equipment like hockey sticks or shuttlecocks, especially in sports which involve fast moving balls. 

Racket sports alone account for thousands of eye injuries a year according to ROSPA. It is said one in three squash players are likely to experience some sort of eye injury during their playing career.

Some sports which have a high occurrence of eye injuries are football, rugby and basketball.

Why Buy Norville Branded Sports Goggles?

  • Available from ages 6+
  • They have soft nose pads and straight temples to increase protection
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Supplied with detachable Velcro  adjustable head retainer
  • Standard Polycarbonate Lenses for Best protection
  • Extra Rubber/ sponge inserts can be purchased as well as bridge boosters for small children.
  • Available options with elasticated headstrap