Brands Available

We work with several well known brands to offer you the best quality protection for your eyes. Between our two Stores we have  Bolle and UVEX

Selecting your Safety Glasses


European directive 89/656 makes the wearing of eye or facial protection compulsory for:

• Welding, sanding and cutting work
• Drilling and chiselling
• Stonework
• Handling nail guns
• Using machines which remove shavings when processing

   materials, producing short chips
• Stamping work
• Removal and fragmentation of shards
• Working with jets of abrasive granules
• Handling acid and alkaline products, disinfectants and corrosive detergents
• Handling liquid spray equipment
• Handling molten metal and working in proximity to it
• Activities in environments with radiant heat
• Laser work

At Vision Right we understand how important your vision is to you and as such we work with several local companies to ensure their employees have the right type of Safety Glasses for them.

  • Depending on the materials being used and the environment someone is in the frame material and lens material needs to be selected carefully. 
  • If your Employer does not supply your safety glasses for you - make sure to ask your health and safety officer which lens type you need or if they require anything particular to meet your companies safety needs before purchasing your own. 
  •  When buying a private pair of safety glasses please know exactly what they will be used for when you come into store so we can advice you best possible on your option available to you. 

The two main causes of eye accidents are lack of protection and inadequate protection but 90% of eye injuries can be avoided by using suitable glasses and shields!

Safety Glasses