Our Community work

This year -2019, Vision Right has started sponsoring the local youth football association Dundee and District area. 

CPS is coming from a long history of being involved in youth, professional and semi professional football on and off the field the last 6 years have been spent working alongside youth football leagues and associations developing initiatives to not only improve the way that youth football works for family’s but to open the door for businesses, big and small to get involved in supporting their local league in their community.

We are very proud to be involved with such a great cause to help grass routes football and to be able to get children involved in local sports. 

We wanted to get involved as its important to remember all children no matter their ability can enjoy team activities and sports and even if they need glasses that is no reason to stop children from playing activities such as football.  With constantly changing guidelines about glasses and safety regulations its important for parents to also know the options available for their Children- with options from sports goggles,  to contact lenses  there is no reason any child should be prevented from taking part.


 As a local business we feel its important that we work hard to give something back to our local area. 

Each year we work towards fundraising for a local cause we feel that needs our support. 

If you have been affected or know someone who has been affected with sight loss you will know how much benefit it can be to have a bit of extra support available. If you are able to help us fund raise for this fantastic charity please click the button below to take you to our Team Kilt walk page. 

This year 2019 three  members of our Vision Right Team will be taking part in the Dundee Kilt walk to raise awareness for the Macular society. 

The Macular Society offer support to anyone who is suffering from sight loss of any kind. They hold meetings in both Arbroath and Dundee and work with local shops and even tesco to try and make shops more accessible for those with sight loss.  

For more information about the Macular Society and the support they offer please click the link to their website.